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a Few words About Us

At Patrizi Motors we have a total commitment to Safety. We won’t be beaten on any Advertised price and we are the Fastest, Friendliest Service in the St.George and Shire Area. Our team is constantly striving to ensure that we provide to you, our customer, with the highest quality Services and Automotive care. Whether you require Mechanical or Tyre Services.

We offer an extensive range of Automotive Services to help improve the Reliability, Safety and Integrity of your vehicle."Your Vehicle is our priority"


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Best Services

We offer an extensive range of Automotive Services to help improve the Reliability, Safety and Integrity of your Vehicle. "Your Vehicle is our Priority"

We are the Distributors for the EVC Ultimate9 Throttle Controllers in NSW. It Unleashes the True Power of Your Vehicle. Quicker Response and it does NOT Disappoint. Ask us about the EVC Ultimate9 Throttle Controller.

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100% Result Guarantee

Headlight Polishing now available at Patrizi Motors. Faded headlights can be hard to see at nights and can be a defect. Now it can be repaired without spending hundreds of dollars. Book now and be hassle free.

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Our Advantages


Your brakes are one of the most important safety components on your vehicle. The brake system includes Brake Linings, Rotors, and Brake Pads. Since properly functioning brakes are vital to safe driving, it is essential that you pay attention to Brake Warnings.


Being stranded with a Dead Battery is not only Inconvenient, it can be DANGEROUS! Unfortunately, car batteries provide little or NO warning before they suddenly Fail. The life of Car Batteries, on average, is 3 – 5 years, so if your battery is at least 3 years old, you should have it checked. It is probably a Good Idea to have your Battery checked every year.


More often than not a vehicle’s clutch will need to be replaced before the vehicle reaches the end of its service life. The facings on the clutch disc wear out as the kilometres accumulate, and the clutch pressure plate and flywheel can become worn or cracked from heat and friction. An otherwise good clutch also can be ruined by oil contamination.


Radiator service is extremely important to the proper functioning of your vehicle. The many moving parts of an engine create friction, which in turn creates heat. The job of the radiator is to keep the engine at the right temperature. Vehicle radiators cool everything under the hood to help prevent overheating and to keep serious issues from developing.

Our Services


You'll be hard-pressed to find the same level of expertise that our auto mechanic specialists provide! We have years of experience working on both domestic and imported vehicles of all makes and models and can work with you to find cost-effective repairs and maintenance alternatives.


Safety, performance, and comfort – all of these driving factors are directly impacted by your car’s tyres. That’s why new tyres are one of the most critical investments you will make in your vehicle. Locating a dealer who will provide you with knowledgeable assistance, competitive prices, and a full selection of tyres is the key to making the right investment.


Having experience in the industry and the knowledge of how to provide value, as well as insurance and guarantee, the founders initiated Patrizi Motors as a new option for protection and peace-of-mind to car owners. Being an insured company, we removed the risk of leaving you to pay the claims, in the unlikely event of something going wrong.


Is your car rego due soon? You can schedule your annual safety check any time during the 6 months leading up to your registration expiry date! Why not have your safety check completed during your next scheduled car service? We can do your safety check and issue your pink slip all during your regular logbook and intermittent service.

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